Foreo Cannabis Seed Oil UFO Calming Face Mask 6pièces

A pack of six cannabis seed oil masks to pair with your UFO. Your skin’s BFF is here! Designed to calm; hydrate; and protect the skin from environmental damage; Foreo’s Cannabis Seed Mask is packed with antiinflammatory and antioxidants to help you have a good skin day; every day. Ideal for acne and rednessprone skin; the mask is formulated with no less than 210 mg of cannabis seed oil to help regulate oil production and soothe irritated skin. Infused with chamomile and magnesium to calm sensitive; oily; and blemishprone skin; leaving it naturally moisturised after each twominute treatment. Each pack contains six masks Pairs with the [UFO 2 Smart Mask Treatment Device]( for a calming treatment Formulated 210 mg of cannabis seed oil; one of the highest concentrations of its kind

17.95€ :


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